Social Links personal area

We are pleased to announce a personal area for users of SocialLinks. It's available at https://sl-area.com. So, what you can get by using it:
1. Daily statistics of available/used transforms, latest news
and information about your subscription (if you already got subscription, just paste your key in "SocialLinks API" -> "Premium").
2. Now you can increase your day limit by adding social tokens for the social networks.
3. Ability to save entities from Maltego to html files on your google drive.
To start using this feature, make authorization by your google account in "Connect Storage" -> "Google Drive".
4. Wishlists (please, use it – this way you can get the transforms, you really need).
5. Personal dictionaries – they will be used in a various searches, and the results will be more accurate.
Please note that all this is true for owners of commercial Maltego license. Meanwhile, yes, we are working on a special version for Maltego CE. And if you want to be among the first who will get an access, or want to make possible it appearance in a shorter time, contact us, we are always open for collaboration and appreciate any contribution to the development of our project.
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