Step 1

How to install and start to use
Please read this manual to know how to install Maltego Classic/XL and Social Links plugin.
Install Maltego /If you already have Maltego (commercial version) please skip Step 1
Step 1
Activate Social Links key (Trial or Pay) in Maltego Classic / XL
Step 1
  • Open Maltego Classic / XL client - [Home] - [Transform Hub]
Step 2
  • Find Social Links PRO in Transform Hub (NOT Social Links CE!)
  • Click - [Install]
  • As soon as Social Links plugin is installed, Choose - [Details]
Step 3
  • In [Details] choose - [Settings]
  • In a new window find API key field in Transform Inputs
  • Add in filed [API Key] your Social Links key full number (part keys such as education, trial or 1_year_pro is part of key).
Please note that Maltego is sensitive to KEYS text coding format. If the key is not activated after using Ctrl+C (copy) and Ctrl+V (paste), please copy to any text editor then remove coding and re-copy key to Maltego.
E-mail us in case of a question: sales@mtg-bi.com OR support@mtg-bi.com
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