New functionality for entity [PIPL API] search with match criteria option

Release updates
New functionality for Entity [Pipl API] search with match criteria option

Social Links has updated [PIPL API] search inside of Maltego Classic/XL in October 2019. Integration PIPL search in Maltego realized by Social Links through API. At Maltego’s entity palette there is [PIPL Search] entity. With this entity you can call transformation [PIPL API] search and make searching in Pipl database by various independent parameters.

IMPORTANT: Please use this link to know how to complete updated correct of Social Links Entity [PIPL API] search. Without this you will be not able to get correct results!!!
If you will not see "Match criteria" option in [PIPL API] Search Entity properties - please connect with us by

Pipl is the world's leader in true identity solutions with access over 3 billion identities.
List of Social Links updates for PIPL search:

  1. match criteria option added for search parameters,

  2. "AND/OR search operators" added, so you can get a “perfect” match, or list of all possible matches,

  3. you can get original JSON output with full searched data provided by Pipl. You can find JSON file at [Property view] - [Dynamic properties] OR after transformation completed you can get in at Entity [PIPL search] properties.

More detail information regarding all PIPL search configuration parameters you can find at the official PIPL website.

With “match requirements” by ticking a checkmark ✔ you can specify minimum criteria which a person must meet, in order to be returned as search result from Pipl database. If the criteria isn’t met, you will receive an empty response and won’t be charged. Available Match criteria are: name, address, phone, URL social profile and others.

To conduct [Pipl API] search with Social Links inside Maltego it is required to register in Pipl web site and purchase Pipl API key. The Pipl search is billed per match (NOT ANNYALY) and you can also choose different tariff plans DEPENDING ON which information you would like to get. See the actual price here.

You can use full JSON file output inside of Maltego from PIPL, which can include very useful data for investigation such as historical data. For example, maiden name of a lady, that has got married and changed Surname, or removed data from social media profile (such as past company name, past job title or other), it is possible to find “valid since» and «last seen». Please use free JSON viewer tools to read the information inside JSON in a convenient format.

Please note that transformations such [Pipl API] Search Alias from entity [Alias], [Pipl API] Search Email from entity [Email address], [Pipl API] Search Person from entity [Person], [Pipl API] Search Phone from entity [Phone] work without any changes (means without option ''match criteria''). You can manage which Social Links's transformations in Maltego should use PIPL API key at 'Transform Manager'.

Social Links is a plugin for Maltego for Open source and Social media intelligence. Maltego is a graph visualization software used for automatically link and combines all information into one graph.