New social links tariff for those you investigate with pipl

Release updates
New Social Links tariff for those you investigate with Pipl

Following enhancement of [Pipl Search] in Social Links that you can read about HERE,
we’ve decided to start up a new tariff plan for those who often and exclusively utilize Pipl for

Now Maltego Classic / XL users (not Maltego CE users) can purchase 1 month tariff HERE
fully packed for investigations in Pipl *. This tariff includes all search methods of
Social Links for Pipl database, Pipl Entity with 17 search input parameters, AND/OR search
operators and match criteria. Together with it, we offer a limited number of transformations for
Facebook, Instagram, and other Social Media to perform cross check and data enrichment tasks.

* IMPORTANT: To conduct [Pipl API] search with Social Links in Maltego Classic / XL it is
required to register in Pipl web site and purchase Pipl API key. The Pipl search is billed per
match (NOT ANNALY) and you can also choose different tariff plans depending on which
information you would like to get. See the actual price here.
Social Links is a plugin for Maltego for Open source and Social media intelligence. Maltego is a
graph visualization software used for automatically link and combines all information into one graph.

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