Journalistic investigation using sociallinks face recognition

Case sudy with Social Links
Social Links streamlines evidence-based journalism by provides tools for fast fact checking: there was recently a story fold by some news agency about a difficult life situation of the young man and his family. After a while, the story was publicly called into a question. It took journalistic professionals 24 hours to check and disprove the facts. The real personality of the person was identified and turned out different from the news story.
Social Links can do the same fact-checking and demonstrate the same results in just 3 minutes!
The simplest approach was to get photos from the Facebook profile and to compare with the shots from the TV. However, all the photos from the Facebook page of the real person were removed after the TV story. SocialLinks methods made it possible to quickly detect other Facebook photos, where the man was marked, to compare with the shots from the TV with the help of face recognition tool, showing the exact match.
Please check out the step-by-step video.