Osint tools help faster social media promotion

OSINT Tools Help Faster Social Media Promotion

Bringing attention to themed groups or communities, building connections and finding supporters: social media is key to these objectives. It’s an efficient and inexpensive tool if you know how to use it right and can find the people you need fast. But the faster social media grows, the harder it gets.

However, OSINT approaches turn out to be very useful for these tasks. SMM and OSINT tools used together offer great results.

For instance, there’s this method of attracting attention to posts, events, and communities.
Ideally, a ‘figurehead’ sponsor or celebrity with massive ‘reach’ (500k or more followers), an influencer, is tagged in particular post (Support my ‘Coffee and Cakes’ event). Even without directly seeing the post, and each time a ‘friend’ of the influencer likes that post, a wider scope of previously unaware people will be alerted that a ‘Coffee and Cakes’ event is happening, and is ‘endorsed’ by an influencer, creating a feeling of inclusion, regardless of platform (Twitter, Facebook, Insta, Vkontakte etc). The trick is to find such an influencer. And the more specific the theme of the community is, the harder it is and the longer it takes.

One of Social Links’ clients who preferred to keep his name confidential, shares his experience in dealing with this issue using our software. He is interested in local groups that help fight senility and dementia, since this issue affected his loved ones.

‘Disparate ‘self-help’ groups exist in a society where investment in mental health is decreasing - these are easily linked using social media, e.g. Facebook groups, closed or open, Twitter hashtags and handles, e.g. #dementia, #alzheimers or @<anycharity>. Social Media is increasingly utilised as a cost-effective means of communicating widely with few overheads’, Social Links client emphasizes.
He worked with social network analysis exploitation professionally, so he chose a familiar and convenient tool to analyze data for his own personal use.

‘Social media tools (Social Links is particularly user-friendly) can rapidly analyze social media posts using a variety of filtering mechanisms - geographical area, hashtags, accounts or even similar photos - so like-minded groups in a particular area over a defined time period including key / influential / expert members can be identified,’ Social Links client explains.
Here’s what he does. He starts with a simple search engine query: dementia <AND> Wendover (comment: Wendover is a small town in Buckinghamshire, United Kindom). He found website, the mental health charity, which mission is deliver high quality community based services across the county of Buckinghamshire to reach out and ensure everyone with a mental health problem gets access to the help they need. “Information about Dementia services | Buckinghamshire Mind ”


He finds a charity foundation in his county that works in this field – Lindengate ( Then, using the Social Links social Media Maltego plugin, he finds their Skype handle, as well as the Instagram and Twitter accounts of the foundation’s top manager Anne Mills, and learns that the charity has an effective, organised Social Media presence and, possibly, even strategy, with accounts on Twitter, Instagram, Skype and potential Facebook and LinkedIn.

With Social Links it is possible to search quickly person’s Social Media accounts by photo and name. For that you can use Maltego Entity [Search profiles by Face]. In this case, after Twitter account of “Lindengate” was identified and we got respective user photo, we can search other profiles by given name and photo in Instargam, Linkedin, Facebook, etc. You can see the Maltego graph below.


A quick expansion of Twitter followers confirms Anne M### as a key figure in the charity - and that her Instagram handle is @anne###.

In an Instagram post, @anne### tags UK’s leading gardener, Monty Don, the presenter of Gardener’s World and an admitted mental health advocate with the intent of inviting him to the charity. In his Instagram account he has 289 000 followers.

‘Even if he were not to accept, the charity’s profile has been raised from county level to national level,’ Social Links client concludes. So, this solves the issue of looking for an appropriate influencer for a ‘figurehead’ sponsor.
‘Even if he were not to accept, the charity’s profile has been raised from county level to national level,’ Social Links client concludes. So, this solves the issue of looking for an appropriate influencer for a ‘figurehead’ sponsor.


Social Links can be a very efficient tool in identifying and corroborating people who are involved in the area of dementia support by quickly processing email / social media / contact data for key individuals.

‘In addition, Social Links can effectively identify the level of support/single interest groups in a particular area to aid support or expand an isolated individual’s group of friends/associates.’

We’re happy to learn about a client successfully using our software to solve such a specific problem. The same approach can be used to promote any cause on social media, especially something as niche, and to get in touch with the right people who can help in solving specific issues.