Open source intelligence for hr

Today, every company is interested in a high-quality human resources. After all, exactly employees implement the main development strategy of any business. And where there is an effective personnel policy, the tasks set are carried out more efficiently, which means that the main goal is achieved faster. But to find a worthy specialist who will meet all the requirements is not an easy task, so every year new search technologies are developed, entire HR departments are created or recruitment agencies are being contacted.

Those, in turn, understand the importance and uniqueness of their direction and try to do the job qualitatively, constantly expanding the possibilities of search and guarantees. But of course, a number of problems arise that need to be addressed promptly and systemically.

The Internet and social networks are becoming a key tool of HR

Managers during screening of potential employees. This resource helps to find additional personal information about the candidate, which he will never indicate in a resume or application form.

But there are certain difficulties that managers face when performing screening tasks:

- a large number of social networks, where the same person may be hiding under different names, or have several profiles;
- many different professional flows of information in which you need to check the source by source.

And the most important problem is that data retrieval requires a huge time resource. And it takes even longer to process the amount of information received, visualize and search for relationships or “risk points” (red flags and other potential conflicts of interest).

Because the task of pre-employment screening, it is important to ensure that the candidate really has ties and experiences, which says, check facts of biographies, identify risks (cultural, personal, professional, conflicts of interest), or on the contrary, to assess what are the additional benefits provided by the employment of this candidate.

What happens if a recruiter solves the problem of pre-employment screening in the traditional way?

He spends a huge amount of time on non-core tasks - data collection and analysis. And good candidates, meanwhile, get tired of waiting for an answer and go to work for a competitor. Or another situation where the recruiter did not reveal the key risk in the manual analysis of the collected information, as a result of which the hired employee did not take root in the team (cultural fit) and the search begins again. The company at the same time in a double loss - no employee and lost precious time.

And at this moment, to solve all the above problems, to help the recruiter to collect information from numerous sources on the Internet, the subsequent analysis and visualization of data comes social Links – a tool for Open Source Intelligence and Social Media Intelligence.



First, the endless transition from source to source is no longer required when checking a single candidate. Social Links allows you to collect data from the Internet in a single workspace. The sources that we use are the most popular social networks. This data will be enough to build a full social media profile and get the right idea about the candidate based on facts.

Secondly, the recruiter should no longer keep in mind a large amount of information, draw links between facts and events manually or scroll the Facebook pages down to infinity. All data collected in the workspace is automatically visualized in a graph format and the program itself determines the chain of connections between people, groups of people, companies, and events.

In order to make a conclusion about a candidate, simply look at the graph resulting from the study. The depth of the analysis of social networks allows you to reveal the risks associated with the employment of the candidate, as well as assess his lifestyle. For example, learn about his bad habits, political or personal views, communication with employees of competing companies, participation in undesirable groups and organizations for a company.
And also no longer need to search for all the social networks of the candidate manually. The Face recognition tool processes key social networks in a matter of minutes and by name and photo gives all candidate profiles in the Internet space, including alternative accounts in the same social network.

As an example, the analysis of Facebook users affiliation with two companies was carried out. The graph shows the profiles of people, one way or another connected with one of the competing companies. In the middle between the two groups, a profile of a person is revealed that relates to both the first company and the second one. This person may become a potential point of information leaks, or, conversely, a point of primary interaction between companies. This graph is built in real-time; all profiles and connections are automatically detected by the program based on open Facebook information.


Thus, Social Links quickly and effectively solves all the problems in collecting and analyzing personal information from social networks. It helps to discover what is hidden and provides a quality decision on hiring. Using Social Links, the recruiter will be able to focus as much as possible on the implementation of the immediate task - the selection of quality candidates who are guaranteed to successfully join the team, meet all the requirements of the company, work for a long time and adequately use their professional skills for the benefit of the organization. And for a recruiter, this means that he performs his work as efficiently as possible and receives a deserved interest from the annual income of each successfully hired candidate.