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Case sudy with Social Links
Our team loves Maltego and hopes that you will like our interpretation of research using social networks and search engines.

Just want to tell about a small update of the list of sources – we have started to implement the transformation based on the Foursquare.

What can already be used:

  • Search by email, phone, Facebook user ID, alias, Twitter alias. In Foursquare user alias = his Twitter alias, sometimes it’s important.
  • Search by Person Name. So for now you can search using old transform and a new, that use API. We made an experiment and saw some benefit of that (left – new search, right – old):


  • Transform “To User Friends“. Just right click on Foursquare Entity and run this transform. Important: id or alias required.


Transform “To Foursquare Details” retrieve email, phone and Facebook, Twitter accounts of a user (if he filled this information).