Sociallinks transforms for dark net

Release updates
DarkNet now makes the vast majority of transactions for the illegal sale of drugs and their components, weapons, people, bot-nets, hacker software, documents, and personal information from leaks of various databases to credit card numbers and cards themselves.

Most of the illicit activities in DarkNet are drugs. They, like other goods and services, are sold in market places and closed forums:


Apart from the fact that access to these resources requires a connection to the TOR network, each of them also has its own original protection against DDOS attacks and parsing, which makes it difficult to obtain data from these sources. But there are no unsolvable problems. SL presents a set of transformations for finding information in DarkNet.

We offer:

  • Full-text search in any language
  • Search by alias
  • PGP Open Key Search
  • Data from the 25 largest forums and marketplaces
  • Incremental update every hour
  • Integration with 8 DarkNet Search Engines
  • Automatic detection of mirror links to resources
  • +3 new resources every week

For all users of SocialLinks are already available:

5 new entities:


12 new transformations:


All transformations are already published and available to all SocialLinks users.
For a list of resources, demonstration of the work of new transformations or on other issues, please contact us via the feedback form or at