Using sociallinks for searching

the opinion leaders of a single organization in facebook.
We often wonder how to identify the opinion leaders in separately taken groups with help social networks. But a more interesting and important question is how to use such information!
Let's take the example of Facebook researching. The SocialLinks toolkit allows to do analysis within a group (in this case - the company's employees) and to identify opinion leaders. These leaders should become the main target audience.
The issue of the competent use of the acquired knowledge can be solved through a new approach to marketing strategy.
Now, for example, has planned a global transformation of the company, you can rely on the identified leaders among the employees and focus the efforts of the PR campaign mainly on them.
Competitors and their market experts can optimize their activities and get an advantage, knowing who exactly they should focus their efforts on.
Below you can find a version of the technical realization of the described method.
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