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Social Links CE in Maltego
So, whats inside?
180+ transformations
Integrations with 3rd party services
Access option:
Free limited queries
Instant access:
No Registration,
No API Key required!
Just install and use.
Approximate 5% transforms
In comparison with commercial Social Links PRO version (no Face recognition, etc.).
12 results max
Maximum 12 responses per query (Maltego CE limit).
Without registering
Registration on sl-area.com is not required
NOTE: IF you would like to test Social Links PRO with full functionality, but you don't have Maltego Classic/ XL which required for Social Links PRO, please send request to sales@mtg-bi.com
Transformations for:
GitHub (info)
ZoomEye (info)
Censys.io (info)
Documentcloud (info)
Clearbit Enrichments - clearbit.com
Rosette Text Analytics - rosette.com (info)
Companies House - gov.uk
Vulnerability Data Base - vulners.com
The Panama Papers, the Offshore Leaks, the Bahamas Leaks and the Paradise Papers - icij.org
Open Transform Hub, find SocialLinks CE and click on Install button.
For our customers: you don't need to install SL CE, all transforms included into main seed and you can use it for free (even without SL license key).