Covid-19 database

Now the most popular topic is Covid-19 and everyone
is trying to find information about the pandemic. Bloggers, the media, heads of state, reporters, and everyone else are writing about it.
Other users of social networks instantly distribute this news and do not always think about the correctness of these posts. In all this mass of information, it is difficult to find something reliable and substitute.
We already talked about Fakenews and to make it more convenient for you to work
with the Covid-19 theme, we created a database of posts from Twitter, Facebook
and Instagram, which is updated every day. We select posts from December 1, 2019
by keywords:
['covid-19', 'covid', 'coronavirus', 'SARS-CoV-2', 'SARS-CoV2', '2019-nCoV', 'коронавирус',"covıd", "covid19", "covıd19", "covi̇d19", "covi̇d_19", "covid2020", "covidmemes", "coronavid19", "covod19", "coronavairus", "cvid19", "covidiot", "novelcorona", "covidindia", "pandemic2020", "covidkindness", "pandemicpreparedness", "covidnews", "2019ncov", "sarscov2", "sars_cov_2", "coronaeurope", "coronausa", "coronaworld", "coronachina", "coronacapital", "coronaupdate", "coronaextra", "instacorona", "coronawuhan", "coronaitaly", "coronavırusnews", "covid20", "cốvịdịch", "coronacases", "pandemic", "coronaprotection", "coronacure", "coronafight", "coronasymptoms", "sarcov2", "covidgermany", "ncov", "ncov2019", "ncov2020", "2019ncov"]
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