Investigate, explore and find evidence in Social Media, the DarkNet and Open Sources
When traditional information sources are unable to retrieve the desired data needed to progress your investigation. When you have an abundance of open cases that need immediate attention. When there is no time to learn OSINT coding. When you have limited manpower to conduct in-depth investigations.
For 5 years now Social Links has released new OSINT and SOCMINT methods on a 2-weekly basis. Using Social Links you can gather as much information from Social Media, the DarkNet and publically available sources in 1 hour as a single person can collect in a whole week using traditional manual methods.
Discover full Social Media presence of target individual
Person's name and photos is enough to find his account in Social media by 1 click
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Map crime group structure and affiliation
It is possible to analyze internal and external links between people, events, companies.
Visualization helps to identify core elements inside the group. Analysis can be run on any amount of input elements.
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Darknet search
Search by phrase,
Products search / traffic analysis
DarkNet user search
PGP keys search
User search
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Discover full Social Media presence of target individual
Vast combination of sources and connectors to databases such as Pipl support successful accomplishment of data enrichment and identification task.
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Find Social Media content by Geo
Search witnesses or monitor situation in particular location. Social Links offers geo-fencing tool to search for photo or video content. Social Media pages and places in Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter based by geo-coordinates.
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Many others cases
It is possible to analize
Case 1...5 it is just serveral samples. With Social Links you will be able to resolve different investigation tasks
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What is Social Links?
Social Links PRO is an Open source, Social media and Darknet data mining add-on for Maltego Classic/XL which is a time tested instrument for intelligence and investigations that is used by governmental bodies and private companies accross the world.
Start using Social Links right now!
The easiest way to start using Social Links services is to make an automatic report about any facebook user.
The report contains all the information about the user: places of work and study, family status, groups and pages to which the user is subscribed, all the user's connections. including hidden, information about geo tags, contours that the user has published and interacted with: posts, photos, comments, likes, tags.
An example of such report
Order one report for free.
Fill in the form and specify a user ID or a link to their profile.
You will receive the report in the mail specified by you.

With Social Links you can mine data inside Maltego
From 50+ social networks, databases and use 700+ search methods empowered with Facial Recognition software and search by Geolocation. You will get unique search in 30+ DarkNet forums and marketplaces (no authorisation needed) by Phrase, PGP Key, Alias, also, you can get analytics by Products and Locations (shipping from/to).
DarkNet forums
and marketplaces
no authorisation needed
Maltego Classic/XL & Social Links PRO
Become an instrumental tool in gathering intelligence and, occasionally, even evidence:
The topmost resource to gather information
To gather information outside traditional police sources, piped in one visual work space.
Save hours upon hours
Save hours upon hours with our automatic link visualisation and strong OSINT infrastructure.
Social Links protects your investigation
Social links protects your investigation and provides and provides a highly stable service.
Law enforcement agencies from 50% of EU countries already use Social Links.
I am still convinced in Social Links as the best Maltego plugin for Social network analysis
Security analyst
I use it quite a lot and find it very useful
Intelligence analyst
Start testing right now
Please registered and get Social Links Pro trial key
(Maltego Classic/XL platform)
If you don't have Maltego Classic/XL license yet, please write to us