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Social Links Pro - Open source & Social media & Darknet Maltego's add-on
Combination of Maltego & Social Links becomes a very strong instrument for intelligence purposes and occasionally for evidential purposes.
Provide 700+ search methods
Cover 50+ sources (socials, messengers, databases, etc.)
Results limit 10000 (in Maltego Classic)/ no limit (in Maltego XL)
Deep Facebook search

Commercial plugin for Maltego Classic/XL
Limited list of search methods for GitHub, ZoomEye, Censys.io, etc.
Results limit - 12 (Maltego CE option)
Social Links CE include:
Social Links CE
No trial key need, just install in Maltego hub and start use.
Face recognition
Search by Geo
Darknet search
Social Links own database (7 Tb data from internet leaks)
Integration with 3rd party services via API* (Pipl, Securitytrail, etc.)
Essential tool for intelligence and investigations
For professional use
Social Links PRO
Free limited plugin for Maltego CE (Community edition)
For students