Discover what you can find about yourself in Facebook
Our whole life is now on social networks and they store all of our data. Do you know what you can find out on Facebook about yourself?
What posts did you like
Surely you don't remember that 'like' from years ago and maybe now you should remove this 'like' to avoid potential issues.
What photos are you tagged in and with who
Or maybe you were tagged on the page of another person and you did not notice it at the time?
What comments did you leave
Do you remember exactly what you commented 5 years ago? Does it stop you from getting a job now?
Why do you need that?
You are looking for a new job.
Have you thought about network security?
You decided to develop a personal brand.
You work in the public eye.
You work in media.
You want to know what big brother knows about you.
You will collect all my data ?
Of course not. Our service can only see your public data.
Can someone else order a report on my behalf?
No, to receive the report, you need to log in to our service using your own Facebook login and password. IF no one except you knows them, then no one will get access to the report.
There is so much data! How do I go about deleting it?
Together with the report you will receive instructions on how to set up Facebook so that you can protect your personal data as much as possible.
Why is the report taking so long?
The time taken to prepare the report depends on your activity on Facebook. If you are very actively liking everything and commenting, uploading a lot of photos and you have many friends, then it can take up to 8 hours to generate a report.
Order a report on your Facebook page*
Order a report on your Facebook page*
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1. Information, including the User's personal data, is processed by the Operator solely for the purpose of generating a report. Actions with information include processing, collection, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification, confirmation, use, destruction upon completion of processing.

2. Information, including the personal data of the user, is processed during the entire term of this agreement.

3. This Agreement is valid indefinitely and may be terminated by sending a notice to the address.