Information is a power.
Investigate, protect and prevent with Social Links
Now it is easier than you think!
Open up a world of valuable data having minimum information as an input. Start your investigation with Social Links on-line search engine
Service features
Find Social Media content by Geo
Find Social Media content by GeoSearch witnesses or monitor situation in particular location. Social Links offers tools to search in Social Media pages and places in Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter based by geo-coordinates.
Discover full Social Media presence of target individual
Social Links provides simple UI that powers vast combination of data sources to support successful accomplishment of person identification task.
Social Links
Information is a power
How it works
Start your investigation quickly
It is quite easy now to start an investigation with via simple query form
Work with search results
You can view and scroll the search results in a table view just like with Google search
Drill down into details
Get flexibility working with search results. You can drill down to into the details of individual post right from the map.
Explore the timeline
Explore the timeline of the posts on flexible timeline view.
Set of your own personal area and start using Social Links!
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