August 06, 2020
02:00 PM UTC
The SocialLinks team is delighted to invite investigators to an exclusive webinar that will be delving into the intricacies and specifics of how registration details (WHOIS domain records) can be used in social forensics investigations.

Presenting at the event will be an OSINT gathering expert and investigation coach Jörn Weber, a specialist with many years of experience in domain investigations Alexander Ronquillo and our Social Links guru Sonya Oronova!
Details of the Webinar
The new WhoisXML API transforms that have been added by the SocialLinks development team allow visualizing data obtained via WhoisXML API. Be it contact details of a user who registered a particular domain years ago, or geographic coordinates of a user who visited a website from a particular IP-address, the new transforms allow revealing vast amounts of information and presenting it in an understandable and visual fashion.

The application of the new transforms with the use of initially minor details will be demonstrated on specific cases that lead to uncovering details that can prove invaluable to both companies and authorities.
GDPR did NOT delete all data in the current and historic WHOIS entries. I encourage you to include the checks for historical WHOIS data and reverse WHOIS data into your investigative workflows.
In this workshop I'll show you how easy you can find valuable information on your target in this data by using the new transforms from Social Links and WHOIS XML API.
Join me in a short dive into the deep & dark corners of the Internet and learn how to switch the light on.

Jörn Weber OSINT Expert at Corma
Meet our speakers
Sonya Oronova
Project Manager
at Social Links
Jörn Weber
OSINT Expert
at Corma,
former Chief Detective Superintendent
Alexander Ronquillo
Sr. Director of Business Development
at Whois API