Social Links updates may 2020

Every day we work to make our product better and better. We are grateful to you for writing to us and telling us what new features you would like to see in Social Links. We take all this into account and develop the product together with you. Now we want to tell you what's new
in Social Links.

  1. [Linkedin] Lookup By Email - getting a profile from Ln by e-mail
  2. [Facebook] Lookup By Email - getting a profile from FB by e-mail
3. [Facebook] People Search (exect) - search from the Facebook people search entity. Returns only exact matches.
4. Delayed transformation [Facebook] Page Likers and [Facebook] Place Likers allow you to get all the likes of a place and a Facebook page. (A normal transformation allows you to get about 2000 profiles due to the limitations of Maltego)
5. [Facebook] User Co-workers (ever) - transform getting all colleagues from the FB profile
6. [Facebook] Page Likers By Name and [Facebook] Place Likers By Name allows you to check whether there is a person with the specified name among the likes of the FB page or place.
[Facebook] Page Likers By Location and [Facebook] Place Likers By Location-to get likes for a meta or page with the specified location.
7. [Facebook] Get Reactions for posts, videos, photos and FB comments. Allows you to get profiles in the context of all reactions, and not just likes.
8. [Facebook] Get post author-transformation allows you to get the profile of the author of the post.
8. [Facebook] Get last activity date-shows the date of the last activity of the profile in FB
9. [Facebook] Events from Facebook Page-getting events specified on the page.
Other Social Networks
11. [OK] Search by Face and Name-search for profiles in OK by face and name from profiles of the main social networks: FB, Twitter, LinkedIN, VK, Instagram
12. [VK] user following и [vk] user followers - getting VK profile followers and followings
13. Added Fullcontact API v3 support for Fullcontact transformations
14. [YouTube] Get profile from alias-get a YouTube profile
15. [YouTube] Get channel from alias-get a YouTube profile

16. [CompaniesHouse] Get Person with significant control-get persons who have the right to sign in the specified company. Uses data from the companies House resource
17. [CompaniesHouse] Get Company with significant control - the same as 11, but gives companies where a person has the right to sign.
18. Added DDOS protection bypass for DarkNet parsers - improved stability of getting data from sources
19. Added the ability to search in the Darknet via search engines: Torch, Candle, Gibiru, onionsearchengine.com
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